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For those looking for the ultimate cruiser skateboard or wanting a little more plastic under your feet to help with balance, the 27" nickel size is the one for you!

Long live the vibe. This 27" board will keep your vibe high during all of your #PennyAdventures. This tribal theme board equipped with rasta colors will leave you and your homies feeling the love.


A vibrant red deck with tribal print graphics. The hardware is designed to match the rasta colours, you'll be happy coasting along on this board. As always, this genuine Penny Board is made from our top secret plastic formula that keeps you safe whilst you skate, so look no further. The 27" original penny size is great for transport as it's small enough to stow away easily.

Wheels and Bearings

Black 59mm 83A wheels and green Abec 7 bearings allow the smoothest of rides and raddest of colour combinations. Made from high quality, chip-resistant formula, these wheels are designed to last and will keep you cruising well into the future

Trucks and Cushions

Green powder coated base plate and yellow hanger make up your trucks featuring orange 83A cushions to complete the colour coordination of this plastic skateboard. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny trucks keeps your ride light and strong, while the cushions make sure you're ready to carve. Tighten them or loosen them to suit your riding style.


The 27" Vibes Penny Board features a combination rasta high tensile deck bolts.


- 27" Plastic Cruiser
- Classic waffle top non-slip deck
- Quality colour-coded Abec 7 stainless steel bearings
- Colour-coded high tensile bolts
- 4 inch aluminium truck with powder-coated finish
- 59mm, 83A wheels for a smooth ride
- 83A colour-coded cushions


- Lifetime manufacturing warranty